About Us

Anchor Warehouse Services is a commercial cold storage provider servicing growers in California's lush San Joaquin Valley and beyond, plus we work with a growing number of importers. Anchor provides provides packing, pre-cooling, ethylene and SO2 gassing services to maintain the optimum quality of all types of perishables produce including table grapes, citrus, avocados, kiwis, garlic, quinces, and more.

The complexity of admitting produce into the facility that had recently been in fields as hot as 100+ degrees and pre-cooling it in a matter of a few hours is immense. Time, temperature, and humidity are just some of the many factors that are carefully managed, often with little or no room variance. For instance, much of the produce can withstand no more than a half degree in temperature change to reach the length of storage desired by you our customer.

Anchor operates a state-of-the-art facility, which is located in Exeter. We use the newest in energy management technology by Paragon to keep our rates down and save you money while giving you the confidence that no matter what time of day or night your product is being kept at the perfect storage level of product temperature and quality. We also utilize enclosed docks and hallways for environmental control and rapid pre-cooling capabilities.

Alongside produce storage Anchor offers repacking services to valley citrus growers. Which means that if the product is domestic or Chilean we have the ability to repack or restyle your product.